311: Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is an author, marketing genius, father, farmer and swimmer based in Austin Texas.

Though I didn’t know it at the time, I first became aware of his work when he was in charge of marketing for the now largely defunct clothing brand American Apparel.

It was only later when I read his brilliant book “Trust Me, I’m Lying - Confessions of a Media Manipulator” that I gained a scope of how easily what we see and hear and then feel can be so easily dictated to us by outside sources under the guise of legitimate news.

Ryan has long had a fascination with Stoic philosophy and his best selling books, “The Obstacle is the Way”, “Ego is the Enemy”, and now the #1 NYT Best Seller “Stillness is the Key” opened me up to a different way of thinking about the world that I often struggle with as you no doubt are aware.

Via his daily updates on The Daily Stoic and now his excellent fatherhood email The Daily Dad, Ryan is a prolific writer and thinker - someone who’s wise beyond his years and a person that I definitely aspire to emulate when it comes to a calm way of observing the world.

This is a podcast years in the making, so I have to thank both US serial entrepreneur Maneesh Sethi and Australian entrepreneur and author Pete Williams for forming a two-pronged connection that allowed me to get back on Ryan’s radar around the release of his new book.

If you’ve never heard of Ryan Holiday before - strap in. His wisdom and depth of knowledge is staggering. His way of speaking and constructing a rational view of reality devoid of emotional distortion is something to behold.

I couldn’t be more grateful for his time.

To dive in deep on what Ryan’s all about, RyanHoliday.net or @ryanholiday on Twitter and IG.

Without further ado, please welcome, live from Austin Texas - Ryan Holiday.


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