Ep 188: Great Moments With Comedians

This week's episode is a best of, mixtape, audible burrito with the lot all focused on comedy. This podcast has hosted many great comedians, and here are just a few.

Peter Helliar is an Australian comedian best known as the bloke on the end of the desk every night on the news program “The Project”. He’s also a producer, a director, a writer and an actor. I asked Pete about the first time he got an inkling that he might end up doing what he now does so well.

Next up we have Alice Fraser - a comedian, writer, and ex-lawyer from Australia. She's also host of the wonderfully cerebral podcast "Tea With Alice" which I'm happy to have been a guest on. Alice has a very interesting story, a story about following what you believe in, finding your truth - and what monetary rewards balance against that truth or even the joy of that journey. We do get a little philosophical here, but not before discussing, in depth, the topic of swearing. This chat is best enjoyed out of the company of sensitive ears!

Chas Licciardello is part of the incredibly successful Australian satire collective The Chaser. For over 15 years they've been calling out hypocrisy, lies and general bloviating by our public figures and making us either laugh or be outraged while they do it. Never one to shy from commitment to a joke, Chas has been arrested numerous times, received death threats and has even been assaulted in the street - all for the sake of satire. I asked him here whether his fearless approach to comedy has been tempered in any way since having kids.

Tommy Little is a comedian, radio guy and TV host from Melbourne, Australia. You can catch him regularly in Australia on The Project on a Friday Night, on radio as the 'Tommy' half of 'Carrie and Tommy', and he's always touring around the nation doing standup. Here we discuss what he was like as a teenager, and what got him started in comedy.

Our final snippet in this episode is from an exclusive podcast - this one only went out to Patreon subscribers to this podcast. It's with Adam Richard, an incredibly funny Australian comedian, TV guy, broadcaster and wonderful human. He's made a living out of being funny for a while now, and so we talk about the craft and the business of comedy.

So please enjoy this compilation of great moments we've shared on the show with some of Australia's finest comedians.

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