257: Matthew Mitcham

Matthew Mitcham is a retired Olympic Diver who has a life full of firsts. He’s the first openly gay athlete to ever win an Olympic gold medal, winning that gold medal with the highest-ever single dive score in Olympic History. 

While his career was incredibly high profile, and he indeed achieved dominance in his sport - it was what happened out of the pool that has in my opinion shaped the wonderful man who came over to our apartment this week. 

Matthew wrote a memoir in 2012 called “Twists and Turns”, and is currently topping off a linguistics degree as he grows into a superb cabaret performer. 

He’s got a show coming up this week in Sydney - 


with Matthew Mitcham

Saturday 27 October, 7pm

Bondi Pavilion Theatre


This conversation talks a bit about diving. 

A bit about sexuality, and a LOT about addiction and recovery. 

There’s quite a bit of stuff in here that might trigger you if you or someone you know has a history of crystal meth use - and if you need someone to talk to in Australia please call Lifeline on 13 11 14, or reach out to the crisis counselling service in your area.

Speaking of reaching out. 

In this conversation Matthew and I speak a lot about meetings. The meetings are everywhere, they’re not hard to find, and if you need help, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to not need to drink or use again, you’ll find what you need in those meetings. I can’t recommend them enough. 

If you’ve never had a problem with drinking or using - I hope this conversation gives you a window into what life can be like in recovery, and the daily work that can happen so that life doesn’t need to be a repetitive downward spiral heading to the foregone conclusion of institution, hospitalisation or incarceration, or worse. 

That’s not the chirpiest intro I’ve done - but this is a solid chat with a guy that’s got some solid time, it was good to talk about recovery this way. 

You can find Matthew on twitter he’s @matthew_mitcham and instagram @MatthewMitcham88- let him know you heard him here, and enjoy this conversation with Matthew Mitcham. 

That was he’s on Twitter @matthew_mitcham and instagram @MatthewMitcham88- let him know you heard him here

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