Remembering Quentin Kenihan

I’m sad today. 

Because even though Wayne Coyne from the flaming lips tells us that everyone we know someday will die, it’s still tough when they do. 

Over the weekend my friend, Disability Advocate, Author, Playwright, director, producer, actor and multiple podcast guest Quentin Kenihan passed away. 

He was 43. 

He was also a man that had been told he’s not going to live to see his next birthday since he was a child. 

Anyone that knew him will know what a titan he was. 

I am so very sad that he is gone. 

He and I met in 2003 when we were still recording Australian Idol, before an episode had even aired - and he helped me understand what life in the public eye worked like.

We stayed close through the up times and were there for each other over and over on the dark times.

For all the late night phone calls, Skype and FaceTime across the planet, I’m grateful we were there to support each other as we navigated this journey.

The presence and joy he had in every breath he took was always evident, even when he had to start using an Oxygen generator to take those breaths. 

I’ve never known anyone to truly live every day with the joy and deliberate purpose as you, but when you’ve been told that you won’t live another year every year since you were a kid - I guess life becomes immediate quickly.

His fierce independence, his tenacious drive and his incredible creativity will stay with me forever.

He touched many people. 

I’m grateful that I had a front row seat to his world, and that Audrey was indeed able to share some of those times too - I’m glad she got to know him as I did.

Here’s the first time I had Quentin on my podcast, back in episode 21. 

I’ll miss you Q.


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