246: Chief Brabon

Chief Brabon is the Fitness Director at Men’s Health Australia, the CEO of TransformationCoach.com and CEO of Original Bootcamp.

It was with Chief Brabon and his wife Emilie Brabon-Hames that I worked out every day for ten weeks to achieve my cover shot of Men’s Health Australia.

When you spend an hour of your day with someone every day - you get to know them pretty well, and I got to know that both Chief and his wife Em have remarkable stories to tell.

We’ll hear Em’s story next week, it’s compelling and a transformation tale in itself - but this week it’s all about Chief.

Chief and Em are the team behind the biggest selling Men’s Health Australia covers of the last few years - Larry Emdur, James Stewart and yes - Guy Sebastian.

In fact, while I was doing my transformation I sat down with Guy and we talked all about the mental aspect of how doing this changed the way he works and lives. Check that episode out for more.

Chief is a man who’s driven by a desire for knowledge. He’s traveled the world to train with and learn from the best in industry, and then passes that knowledge on to the people he works with - be in the parks and beaches every morning for his Original Boot Camp workouts, or during his 1-1 transformation coaching like he and I did.

His story is one that takes some turns you might not expect.

A former military man, he had a significant injury in his 20s which left him with chronic pain that he still lives with every single day.

How he overcame that pain and transformed his own life is what this conversation is all about.

We don’t pull any punches and we do talk about suicide in this conversation - so if you or anyone you know needs support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

You can find Chief on instagram where he’s always posting workouts and the like - @chiefbrabon, and for more about the program that I went on - transformationcoach.com .

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Chief Brabon.

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