203: Easkey Britton

Dr Easkey Britton is a passionate ocean advocate from Donegal in the rugged North-West of Ireland.  Find her on Instagram at @easkeysurf, where you can follow her adventures around the world.

She and I met in Amsterdam when I attended the THNK school of creative leadership.

Easkey is the co-founder of Waves Of Freedom - which uses surfing as a creative medium for social change.

Last time she was on this podcast she described in incredible detail her joy of teaching women and girls in Iran to surf on the Caspian Sea.

Easkey is an inspirational public speaker, and her TED Talk “Just Add Surf” is a must-see.

Easkey is a fascinating woman, who’s passion for the ocean and protecting the oceans and therefore all life on earth is something to behold.

She’s just become a founding member of Ocean Collectiv - dedicated to building a model for sustainable ocean management around the world.

Glad I’ve got Easkey on the show today and I really want you to hear this one because she’s doing some incredible work at the moment in the space of how contact with nature influences wellness.

I’ll let her explain it more, but she’s got some important stuff to say about getting out of the house, putting the phone down and really looking at the world - as a way of making you feel better.

I hope you enjoy this conversation I had over skype with Easkey Britton.


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