175:Hayden Cox

Hayden Cox is a revolutionary surfboard designer from Sydney Australia.

About ten years ago, he disrupted the traditional way of making surfboards much to the chagrin of the incumbent players - and patented a completely new way of making surfboards, which also gave surfers completely new ways to ride those surfboards.

Even if you don’t like the beach - just listen to Hayden’s inspiring journey of how he created his business when he was still in High School, followed his passion relentlessly and created something world-beating along the way.

He’s a lovely human being, came to the house with his wife and business partner - Danielle and they even brought coffee which is always a way to my heart.

Hayden’s got some brilliant business ideas, he thinks about business and the industry he’s in completely differently than many people I’ve met.

His desire to shift the way his industry is focused is fascinating to listen to, and I’m sure you can apply his lessons to your own life no matter what the scale of the change you’re trying to make is.

Hayden outlines a lot of what we talk about in his book “New Wave Vision” which is one of the best business books you’ll read if you’re interested in the new way the global economy is moving, or even if you just need a kick in the butt to get your own work moving along.

Go get his book.

Go ride one of his surfboards.

Or just listen, this one’s a real gift.

Come sit at my kitchen table on the Eames Chairs with Surfer, Shaper, business man and disrupting entrepreneur, Hayden Cox.


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