Ep 199: Adele Vuko

Adele Vuko is one-third of the Australian all-female comedy team Skit Box.

Find her on Instagram @adele_vuko

She’s one of the brilliant women behind the viral explosion that was “Activewear” and part of a growing scene of successful online film makers that are finding a way to pay their bills and feed their kids through creating what they’re passionate about.

Skit Box have recently finished working on incredibly funny sketch  show available on Abc iView “Wham bam thank you ma’am”

In this conversation we talk about her path into comedy, what it means to set and stick to a deadline, and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who are moving in the same direction you are.

Adele is mother to two kids, and her partner is Christian Van Vuuren, otherwise known as the bloke from Bondi Hipsters who doesn’t wear the glasses.

They’re a power couple who are set to take over the comedy scene in Australia, and her particular story is an inspiration - particularly if you’re doing something with your day that doesn’t just make you want to leap out of bed with joy. Adele is here to fire you up with her story of how she changed her career and changed her life.

If you like what you hear you can search Skit Box on YouTube or find them on Instagram @skit_box

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