Ep 245: Matt Griggs

Matt Griggs is a high performance coach, keynote speaker and meditation teacher from Sydney Australia, you can find him online at mattgriggs.com or on instagram @mattgriggs.

For years Matt worked with some of the worlds most successful athletes in the surfing world, helping them focus in and out of the water for not only world-beating performances in competition - but with resilience out of the water too.

Matt famously coached three-time world-champion surfer and shark-puncher Mick Fanning, and 6 time world-champion surfer Stephanie Gilmore, as well as numerous NRL players and other elite athletes.

Matt is also a meditation teacher, and we delve right into the particular kind of mediation he teaches in this podcast, because while I’m still a novice - I do try to meditate every day and I do find it to be very beneficial in my life. I also know that not everyone will use the same kind of mediation - some may prefer mindfulness, some may prefer mantra meditations, or another way of finding that particular place in your thinking - whatever it takes, give it a go - because I don’t know much, but I do know that every elite athlete, leader, broadcaster, performer and business person I admire - they all meditate. Every one of them.

So there’s something in it.

Matt and I get technical when we start talking about focus and consciousness, but that’s ok you can hit rewind and listen again to anything that might have slipped past you.

I’m all about these kinds of conversations - because while our lives may be full of questions - thankfully whatever problem we’ve had that’s hassling us - someone else has had it before and they figured out a way to deal with it - so all we have to do is find them, find what worked for them, and apply it to our lives.

I’m so grateful that you get to hear this conversation with the fascinating Matt Griggs.

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