Ep 265: Hard Work, Humility and what to do when it all falls apart with photographer Steve Baccon

Steve Baccon is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Find him on IG @bacconphoto

Over the years you would have seen his work on numerous magazine covers, ad campaigns, billboards and book covers - including my own. 

In fact the photo that became the cover of my book has been named as a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize and will be exhibited at the national portrait gallery in Canberra from Feb 22. 

The story behind that photo is worth hearing, which is why I got Steve in as my guest this week. 

A quick note about that - I know this is not the photography podcast - however it just happened to turn out that we had two shooters in a row on, however the way my guest last week approaches photography vs the way Steve approaches photography - they’re two entirely different things. 

And while you may not ever take a photo on anything other than your phone - what Steve has to teach us about approach to work, humility when it comes to applying yourself to work and indeed how to cope when everything is going horribly wrong - it’s worth the price of admission. 

Steve’s a warm, humble, kind man - he was my first choice to shoot the cover of my book and you’re about to hear why. 

Enjoy a great cup of coffee and a great chat with the wonderful human from Sydney that is Steve Baccon.  

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