Ep 258: Catherine Milne and the craft of writing a bestselling book.

Catherine Milne is the publisher at Harper Collins - she’s the reason I have a book out. 

Catherine is an extraordinary woman, with a wonderful passion for her work and the written word, she is warm and kind and as you’ll hear speaks with a romantic glow in her heart about story and the power of story. 

Catherine has a tough job - taking chumps like me, who’ve never written more than 800 words and turning them into authors. 

She guided me through the process with a kind but firm hand, she helped me through the hard parts and talked me through what works and what doesn’t work. 

You might not yet have written a book, but listening to this conversation with Catherine, I hope you’ll understand a bit more about the kind of person that it takes to bring a book from a thought to a thing. 

She’s a truly wonderful woman.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Catherine Milne.

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