Ep 242: Kath Koschel

Kath Koschel is an incredibly inspiring human. She’s the founder of kindnessfactory.com and has a story that will break your heart three times before it lifts you up into the glowing warmth of the collective love of humanity.

This conversation deals with suicide and the effects of road trauma, so if you do need to talk to anyone please seek help from your doctor or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Kath’s story is one of the incredible power of human resilience and the overwhelming kindness of our community at large.

We’re so polarised to believe it’s Left vs Right, Liberal vs Labour, Sustainability vs Environmental pillage, but there’s actually a vast and overwhelming feeling of joy and compassion in our country and Kath’s story proves it.

A world-class athlete struck down by crippling injury at the height of her career, Kath has learned to walk three times in her life. Once as a toddler, and twice as an adult. She’s also had to face the devastation of losing the love of her life to suicide just as the rays of sunshine were starting to warm things up again.

Yet Kath’s outlook on the world, her attitude to kindness, forgiveness and trust in the goodness of the community at large will make you feel a lot better about the world as a whole. Because Kath’s out to show you, me and everyone else that kindness is indeed what we naturally have in our hearts and it’s something that on a self-centred level - actually feels good.

Help her get to 1,000,000 acts of kindness over at kindnessfactory.com, and enjoy this conversation with Kath Koschel.

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