How to build an online empire from nothing with CEO Jane Lu

Jane Lu is the founder and CEO of online fashion retailer Showpo, a company valued at over $30M dollars. 

You can find her on Instagram @thelazyceo and I can tell you first hand that this woman is a powerhouse. 

A quick scroll through her feed will show you she’s living the dream, surrounding herself with an incredible staff and working damned hard to make her business not only grow but be a great place to work. 

Was it always this way for her? 

No way. 

Did she come from incredible adversity? 

Did she face failure? 

A dead-end job? 

The disdain of her parents for quitting what looked like a stable career? 

Yes, yes, yes and yes. 

You might not want to start an online fashion empire in 2019 - but you most definitely can take a listen to this and have it put the bellows to the fire in your belly. 

What were you dreaming of doing this year? 

After listening to this episode I have no question that you’ll get right to it. 

Enjoy this conversation with the incredibly inspirational human that is Jane Lu.

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