EP 270.1: Heart Attack to Iron Man. The plant-based transformation of Adam Guthrie

Adam Guthrie is a Chef and Wellness coach that splits his time between Byron Bay and Bali. 

Living a life chasing what he thought was success, and at the frighteningly young age of 39, Adam suffered a heart attack. 

Unlike many men who simply take the stent and don’t change their diet and just stay on the downward spiral, Adam made a lasting commitment to change - and as he describes managed to get off his heart medication through taking a path of more physical activity and a plant based diet. 

But he didn’t just do a little bit of exercise, Adam worked his way through subtle daily increases in effort to training for and completing an Iron Man. 

Adam’s story is one of incredible inspiration. 

Of a health care system that mightn’t be open to solutions right in front of our eyes. 

A story of self discovery, forgiveness and compassion for ones own past, and a commitment to sharing the joy of his new life with others. 

You can find out more about what Adam is doing at ifeelgood.com.au he’s also on IG @adamguthrie

Please enjoy part one of my conversation with Adam Guthrie. 

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