Ep 183: Matt Draper

Matt Draper is an Australian photographer who’s work centers on capturing aquatic animals in their natural patterns of behavior.

You can follow him on Instagram at @MattDraperPhotography.

I wanted to chat to him not only because I love to scuba dive and I’m fascinated by the ocean and all in it - but also because he’s a man who’s figured out how to get paid to do what he loves to do.

If there’s something that you’re incredibly passionate about, and you’d love to make it your career - listen to the path that Matt took to get to where he is.

Listen to the steps he took, the back and forth from working to make money for equipment and travel to shoot, to finally taking the leap to going full time.

His journey may not be on the same axis as yours, but I’m sure the arc of it will be inspiring.

I loved talking to Matt, he’s a great human and he’s completely made me want to get the mask and snorkel on and get wet again.

I’ll say this up top: Matt describes free diving experiences and breath-holding concepts that require a lot of training and are highly skilled things to do. Don’t attempt the kind of stuff he’s talking about.

Don’t do what I did and hold your breath, then go down to ten metres like I describe here.

Apparently that’s a dangerous and stupid thing to do.

But do pull a mask and snorkel on, and do go and get wet, do go and have a look at the environment that encompasses more of this planet than the environment we live on and in.

I hope you enjoy this conversation that I had over Skype with Matt Draper.

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