Ep 223: Sandra Sully

Sandra Sully is Australian Journalism Royalty.  

She’s the Senior News Editor for Network Ten News and has been the Anchor of their afternoon bulletin for more than a decade.  

She's on Twitter @sandra_sully (https://twitter.com/Sandra_Sully).  

Sandra is an astonishingly focused person, her dedication and drive to do great work is undeniable as you’ll hear in this conversation.  

In a time when news of varying reliability is coming at us from every angle ten times a minute through our phones, the role of a legitimate and well-resourced news anchor is in my opinion has never more important. And that’s where Sandra comes in.  

De-legitimzing news sources is a tool that politics has used for decades - and in these times of Fake News being thrown about any time there’s a critique of policy, it’s never been more important to have staunch and solid news sources.  

That means -​​ not Facebook.  

So  - without any delay, come to the boardroom at Network Ten in Sydney across from the fish markets to have a chat with the incredibly powerful person that is Sandra Sully.

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