Why sharing stories is so important - a life on screen with Doris Younane

Doris Younane is a highly acclaimed Australian actor who became a household name for her role in Nine Network’s McLeod’s Daughters. However she’s been on our screens and stages for a long time. 

Heartbreak High, Rake, False Witness, Water Rats, Blackjack, Stingers, Sea Change, Party Tricks, Janet King, Catching Milat, Soul Mates, even The Wrong Girl.

Now Doris is on the new Ten drama “Five Bedrooms".

Doris came around to the apartment the other day to chat about life, studying at NIDA, being in a relationship for 20 years and the perils of living in the public eye. 

You may not be an actor, you may not be female, and you may not one day dream of being either - however I guarantee that you’ll hear something in Doris story today that will lift you, inspire you, and make you want to get after whatever it is that floats your boat - anything from getting your taxes done right to making sure your family has the best shot at life - something you’ll hear today will give you a kick in the pants. 

Because that’s what I sure got out of this chat. 

Enjoy this conversation with Doris Younane

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