Moving your body, changing your life with Todd Liubinskas

Todd Liubinskas is Strength and Conditioning Coach, Entrepreneur, and the new Fitness Director at Men’s Health. 

He’s also the founder of “Let’s Get Going” a non-profit mentor and experience program. They aspire to promote the health and well being of adults from the age of 18 years old with an intellectual or physical challenge. One of their goals is to provide a fitness program that will be fun, safe and enhance social relationships; as well as establishing a pattern of physical activity to promote wellness throughout adult life.

Todd is also involved in a rapidly exploding grass-roots fitness community called The 440 - which takes place just down the road here in Bronte where we live. 

Despite his boulder shoulders and abs that look like a plate of smooth river rocks perfectly arranged in a fancy design magazine, one of Todd’s big focus points is on how he can share the benefits of moving your body with those who might not move their body much, if at all.

He works with many people to help inspire them to get moving, to get access to that physical and mental benefit of moving. 

On the back of my chat with Tanya Hennessy last week - if you’re looking to get moving, even just a little bit - Todd’s got some words for you. 

You can find him on IG @toddybinskas, #the440 online with his work at Men’s Health. 

Enjoy this conversation with Todd Liubinskas. 

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