Creating Lasting Happiness with Eiji Han Shimizu

Eiji Han Shimizu is a highly successful publisher, film maker and lecturer. Find out more about him at

His exceptional Manga biographies of influential world figures have been published in 25 countries & 10 languages.

At 35, working with the biggest media companies in Tokyo his life resembled a picture perfect example of what a highly successful person would have. 

Following a moment in his life which we talk about, Eiji changed course and embarked on a global search for sustainable happiness, where he and his director Roko Belic traveled the world searching for what makes people genuinely and sustainably happy.

This is a wonderful conversation that took place in an Air BnB in Amsterdam when I was working at the THNK school of creative leadership there, there's tea, there's crunchy biscuits, there's mic noise - but there's also bombs of wisdom. 

Enjoy this conversation on Harlemmerdijk in Jordaan, Amsterdam - with Eiji Han Shimizu. 

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