Violence in life and life after violence with Mahmood Fazal.

My guest today is Mahmood Fazal. 

He’s a journalist for Vice, and hosts the compelling podcast “Violent Times”, a show that explores the role of violence in our modern society. From speaking to graffiti artists who were involved in brutal street violence in Melbourne in the 80s and 90s, to connecting with Australia’s Deadliest Soldier, to spending an afternoon with the Yakuza in Japan - Mahmood gets face to face with the people who have not only committed violence on others, but have been victims of violence themselves.  

Mahmood’s story is a heavy one. 

The son of Afghani immigrants, Mahmood was just a kid at school with a different name and probably a stranger lunch than the other kids. Then 9/11 happened. 

Then things changed for the young man.

I’ll let Mahmood tell it - however his own path into violence, living with the consequences of violence and indeed his redemption from violence, is a riveting and compelling story. 

Just off the top here. 

This is a conversation about violence. 

We needed to describe violent acts in order to put things into context. Some of the descriptions are quite graphic. 

If that sort of thing isn’t for you - all good, I’ll see you next episode. 

With that being said - I hope you get a lot out of this conversation with Mahmood Fazal.

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