Ep 248: Osher Günsberg (by Todd Sampson) part 1

My guest today, is me.

A few weeks ago legendary human, documentary maker, storyteller, adventurer and all-around super-human Todd Sampson came onto my show and when he did, Todd insisted that one day he interview me.

Well, today’s the day.

It’s an incredible honour to have Todd do this - he’s one of the smartest and busiest men on the planet, and he took nearly three hours out of his day to come to our kitchen and interview me.

It’s such a marathon that Andy and I are splitting this into two parts.

Because it’s too good to miss.

If you like what you hear - please reach out to @ToddSampsonOZ on twitter and let him know.

If you like it a whole lot - come to see the live show on August 30th which is basically this, but with songs. osher.is/live the link is in the show notes on your podcast app.

If you really like what you hear - buy the book.

The link is live in my Instagram bio.

Come now to my kitchen table in Bronte for a nice shot of espresso and a chat with the wonderful man that is Todd Sampson.

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