321: Gabby Bernstein

Gabby Bernstein is an author, motivational speaker and coach from New York - she’s written six NYT Best Selling books, and her seventh “Super Attractor” is out now. 

I first met Gabby about nine years ago when we were both a part of the Summit conference scene in LA and Utah, and I’ve kept an eye on what she’s been working on since then. 

She and I share a journey of sobriety, however what Gabby’s done with where her direction has taken her since is astonishing. 

She’s found a way to empower people and share her lessons about bringing things into your life you’d rather have in your life into your life. 

We have talked about manifesting on this show before, and Gabby is a weapons-grade manifestation machine. 

The New York Times have called her a guru for the next generation - she may be that but she’s also someone who’s got a lot to say to help you get where you want to be. 

She’s in Australia right now, there’s a seminar in Sydney this weekend on Feb 2nd in Darling Harbour you can get more intel at gabbybernstein.com

Can’t wait for you to hear this. 

Let her know you heard her here. 

Enjoy this Skype adventure from a few weeks back with Gabby Bernstein.


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