290: Lucy Bloom

Lucy Bloom is a CEO, author, doula, and charity leader from Sydney Australia. 

She’s done just so much, it’s hard to put it all into one intro.

But what she shares in this conversation is an unflinching drive to make the world a better place - be it by teaching men how they can be present and supportive during the birth of their children, helping charities from Cambodia to Ethiopia provide better outcomes for mothers and children struggling in those communities, or inspiring others with her own story about how she overcame the adversity of a catastrophic motorcycle accident to go on to achieve all of these things - all of this as the mother of three kids - Lucy is an absolute powerhouse. 

The author of two books, Cheers To Childbirth and her latest Get the Girls Out. You can find out more about Lucy Bloom at thelucybloom.com @thelucybloom on twitter and IG. 

Just a word - this conversation does contain some pretty graphic descriptions of things that can go very wrong in childbirth where either mum or baby don’t make it.

But for now, come to our kitchen table at our apartment in Bronte, Sydney, for a cuppa and a chat with Lucy Bloom. 


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