Ep 206: Mike Munro

Mike Munro is an Australian journalist and author, who rose to prominence as a part of the early line-up of the then groundbreaking TV Show 60 minutes.

He went on to host the nightly magazine show “A Current Affair”, which broke some of the biggest stories of its time, before editorially turning a corner that lead him to split from the show - which he talks about in this conversation.

Mike’s latest project is called “Lawless” - The Real Bushrangers, you can see it in Australia on Foxtel and NZ on Sky.

He takes a forensic archaeology team back to the sites of famous last-stands of Australian bushrangers - that’s a highwayman if you’re in the US or UK. They discover some incredible things still to this day, and unpack what Australia’s romanticism of Bushrangers is. Mike himself is a direct descendent of the last bushranger hanged in Australia.

A quick trigger warning, we discuss alcoholism and domestic violence as a part of Mike’s personal story - so if you want to avoid that today, just skip to about ten minutes in from the start of the interview and you should be fine.

If you want to avoid the chat altogether that’s also ok, I’ll see you next week.

Enjoy this conversation with Mike Munro.

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