The greatest conversation about mushrooms, ever, with Julian Mitchell

Julian Mitchell is the co-founder of the Mushroom cultivation company Life Cykel find about more about him and the work he’s doing at

He’s an interesting guy - he used to work in the mining industry and had a moment where he chose to do something different. Something very different. 

Something that would put people more in touch with the food they ate, and something which would allow recycling of food and waste products in a sustainable way. 

Life Cykel have made some heavy hitting friends, and in a few days they’re partnering with Virgin Airlines on World Environment Day to divert the coffee waste from their lounges away from landfill, to use them instead to grow mushrooms which will one day return to the menu at the Virgin Lounge. 

This conversation is a little different from a regular podcast I do. It sounds like you think it will, two guys nerding out about mushrooms. 

Hopefully it gets you thinking more about where your waste goes, where you get your food from , and how you might reduce one and increase the other. 

Enjoy this conversation with Julian Mitchell. 

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