Ep 250: Audrey Griffen on managing life when your husband has a mental illness.

My guest today is my wife, Audrey Griffen. You can find her on instagram @audreygriffen.

Long time listeners of the show will know her through the stories I tell about her, and if you’ve read the book you’ll know all about her and how we met. You’ll also know how she’s played an enormous role in helping me heal and indeed come back from the edge of sanity.

Last week on the show you heard me tell Todd Sampson about how Audrey saved my life, and today you’ll hear her side of the story - and truth be told, I learned a thing or two about Audrey today that surprised me too - and I’ve been with her for four years by now!

You might not all be my wife - but listening to her journey with her choice to have a child as a single mother in her early 20s, to how she managed to start and maintain a relationship with someone who was clearly quite sick - well it’s one I’m grateful to help her tell, because I know we’re not alone in our relationship dynamic. I know there’s a lot of people listening who are the partner of someone who’s going through some tricky times, or they themselves are going through tricky times and might not have considered their partner’s perspective. Either way, I’m very grateful that Audrey found time to do this today. Come now to our kitchen table and enjoy a nice cuppa and a chat with me and my wife, Audrey Griffen.

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