Ep 234: Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini is an Author, Podcaster and Motivational Speaker. You can find her on instagram @melissaambrosini. Her first book “Mastering your Mean Girl” was an absolute hit, and she’s just released a new book “Open Wide”. 

We might not all be authors, we might not all reinvent ourselves and work hard to become authorities on self-help and self-love : but all of us have been at rock bottom, and Melissa’s story of how she came back from a place of true darkness and peril is one that will move you. 

This one gets dark. This one gets emotional, however it’s ok. It has a happy ending. 

Melissa’s Podcast is a superb listen and you can find it where you found this one, just search The Melissa Ambrosini Show. 

If you like this episode, go let her know online - my guests always get a kick out of getting feedback from you. 

So let’s not waste any time. 

Settle in for a tale of coming into the light out of the darkness with Melissa Ambrosini. 

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