295: Michelle Nazzari

Michelle Nazzari is the founder and managing director of Fonzarelli Electric bikes - based in Redfern here in Sydney. 

As you no doubt know I’m a big fan of electric mobility - I test drove EV’s as far back as 2009 and have owned Electric Vehicles since 2011.


There’s no other way to say it - Electrification of transportation is the future. Thanks to decreasing costs of battery production and increasing emissions standards worldwide - soon it will be cheaper to manufacture an electric transmission vehicle than a petrol vehicle, and then that’s it. 

As is often the case, global purchasing options depend on the most economically viable production specification, and with the largest auto market in the world now being China, and China having increasingly strict laws around emissions - sooner than later we will be only be able to buy EVs because that’s the most economically viable product to produce worldwide. 

What does all this mean? 

That Electric Vehicles will not only transform our ability to get around but also power our cities when you think of the megawatts of now-available battery storage.

I tracked down Michelle and got her on the show because she’s a total game changer in the field. 

She started and runs Fonzarelli Electric Moto - a company based in Redfern Sydney that design and build electric scooters. The kind you need a motorbike license to ride. 

I must warn you - we recorded this interview a while back now, and not long after talking to Michelle I took one for a test ride - and a few months later I now own one of these machines. 

I was in the market for a scooter anyway - and once I rode it I was done.

This is a chat that’s not just about electric scooters, it’s a chat with a woman who had a vision, and every day strives to make her vision become a reality. 

Enjoy this conversation with Michelle Nazzari.

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