Ep 260: Making a profit while acting with purpose, with James Fielding

James Fielding is a doctor, drummer, CEO and founder of a number of companies including Audeara. Find him on Twitter and Instagram @jamesafielding 

He’s from Brisbane, Australia, and is one of the young guns of the very hot entrepreneurial start up scene there in Queensland. 

James has quite a story to tell and in this conversation you’ll hear about how he as a doctor chose to pivot into helping others at scale through the power of music. 

As someone with noise-induced hearing loss, it’s people like James that really fascinates me - because he’s found a way to fuse his love of music with his desire to help people. 

But he’s so much more than that. 

If you’ve ever thought about starting a business, or putting yourself out there - this conversation is for you. If you thought you had to wait until you got overseas to start your venture - after this conversation you’ll be fired right up. 

I firmly believe the future of Australia is nested in our intellectual capital, and people like James are the new frontier of entrepreneurs who stay here to build their businesses and bring knowledge and momentum to our country - a thing that for so long left to foreign shores where in the past capital and opportunity were more readily available - as James clearly says - that’s no longer the case. 

We’re in a whole new world my friends, and James and his team are one of the companies leading the charge. 

I know you’ll get a lot out of this conversation with James Fielding.

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