Ep 196: Brandon Webb returns

Brandon Webb is a former SEAL Sniper, who served with the US Navy Seals in Seal Team Three. He’s now a NY Times Best-Selling author, independent digital media mogul, dad, experimental aircraft pilot, and all-around interesting and inspiring man to speak to. You can find him on twitter at @BrandonTWebb .

Brandon is no stranger to this podcast. He was a part of an epic two-parter back in episode 61&62. I highly recommend going back and listening to his story.

To catch you up to speed, Brandon grew up in California and learned to love the water very early on. When school didn’t really work out for him, Brandon got a job on a dive boat, getting paid to lead scuba diving groups while he was still a teenager.

Soon after, he found his way into the US Navy, and quickly became a highly skilled operator. Setting his sights on becoming a US Navy Seal, Brandon faced a lot of adversity as his skill level made him invaluable to have around, and his Commanding Officers reluctant to release him to try out for the SEAL program.

Eventually, he made it - and out of a starting class of 200 was one of only 23 to graduate.

Quickly finding his place as a sniper, Brandon served all over the world - including in Afghanistan in the very early weeks after 9/11, as part of the military force hunting Bin Laden.

Brandon also redeveloped the sniper training program to enormous success, and worked hard to create a learning environment that taught more trainees more successfully than ever before.

If you want the long version of that journey, with loads of excellent story telling from Brandon - start by listening to the earlier podcast he and I did, and then perhaps open up some of his excellent books - The Red Circle, Among Heroes, The Power of Thought, The Killing School & his latest book - Total Focus: How to make better decisions under pressure.

His books are great reads - clearly written by a man who understands effective teaching techniques, and the power of a great story.

Brandon is a gifted writer, and superb story teller - and I couldn’t be more grateful that he gave up an evening out in NY where he lives to spend an hour on a Skype call with me back in Sydney.

If you like what you hear - follow Brandon on twitter @BrandonTWebb  and let him know you heard him here.

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