The Bad, Worse, And Horrid world of Cults with Jo Thornely

My guest today is Jo Thornely - on twitter @JoThornely. 

Jo is an author, podcaster and music aficionado from Sydney Australia. 

A rabid live-tweeter of The Bachelor in all its forms, Jo is also utterly fascinated by Cults. Her Book and podcast of the same name “Zealot” is an incredibly interesting exploration into what makes people believe things that really, really aren’t real - and believe them so much that they will do, and have done, many many really awful things. 

It’s absolutely fascinating and I can’t wait for you to hear it. 

It’s particularly interesting when looked at through the lens of what makes people believe in things that really aren’t real - like Climate Change deniers and the anti-vac movement - the parallels are strong and I’d encourage you to consider how she describes the way people get trapped in that kind of thinking. 

Jo’s book Zealot is out wherever you get books. It’s grim, it is real, and it is darkly, darkly funny. 

Enjoy this conversation with Jo Thornely.

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