Ep 227: Michael Cassel

My guest today is Michael Cassel.  

He’s an internationally acclaimed theatre producer - when you see Lion King or “Beautiful” the Carole King musical - he’s the man who put everyone together in the same place to make the show happen.  

Hundreds of people didn’t suddenly decide to learn the same songs and dance routines and turn up in a theatre to perform them in synchronicity with thousands of people deciding to sit in that theatre - he’s the man that makes those moments happen.  

And he’s been making those moments happen since he was fifteen years old.  

Even if musical theatre is the furthest thing from fun in your mind, Michael’s Story of how he just saw what he wanted to do and went after it with a relentless passion is the stuff I love to soak up.  

I need to hear stories like his, to get reminded of how success can work. To be reminded of how focus can work.  

Now you and I might not be aiming to put on the most ambitious musical productions of our time - we might be just hoping to lose a few kilos, feed ourselves and our family a little healthier, or maybe get a little further ahead at work - regardless of  your goal - hearing Michael’s story will put the fire under your feet to get focused on what you want in life, and you might even do it with a song & dance routine to make it a moment.  

Michael’s current production “Beautiful: Carole King Musical” is playing in Melbourne until at least June, you can get tickets at beautifulmusical.com.au  

As Michael describes, it’s nothing but hits.  

Enjoy this chat with Michael Cassel.  

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