Ep 221: Yumi Stynes

Yumi Stynes is a Radio & TV Presenter, Podcaster, Photographer and writer from Sydney, Australia. You can find her on twitter and instagram @yumichild.  

She and I have known each other for 18 years now, and I get a bit teary at the end of this one when I start telling her how happy I am that she’s still in my life.  

Yumi and I got together at the house where she lives with her wonderful family, to talk about her new book.   

Look, there’s a lot of swearing in this episode - but we’re all grownups, and my download stats show me that you’re probably listening to this alone, with headphones. So no-one need to know why you’re giggling when she uses the C-word.  

So now you’ve been warned, let’s talk about Yumi’s new book. It’s called  

Zero Fucks Cooking.  

Best Food, Least Effort.   

Anyone that heard Yumi’s brilliant podcast “Ladies We Need To Talk” will know that Yumi is a powerhouse when it comes to keeping her family running.   

And anyone that knows her knows that she lives a life of Zero Fucks. The cookbook is wonderful. And for me, it’s just the front door into how this incredible woman has created a life that is full of joy, laughter, children, happiness and a career to be proud of.   

Yumi’s book is out on March 1st, buy it where you buy books.   

If you’ve never bought a cookbook - this book is for you.   

If you are intimidated by TV cooking and think you can’t do that so I won’t even try? This book is for you.  

If you’d like to live a life where you give zero fucks?  

Get on board.   

So, throw a Zucchini on the barbie and enjoy a glorious hour around the dinner table in the home of Yumi Stynes.

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