Ep 204: Benjamin Law

Benjamin Law is an Australian journalist, author, screenwriter, activist and speaker. 

He shot to fame when the semi-autobiographical TV series based on his best-selling book “The Family Law” became a massive hit. 

He’s recently written the latest “Quarterly Essay” which addresses the “Safe Schools” education debate in Australia and is an active campaigner for equality in Australia. 

Benjamin is a wonderfully smart and charming man, who brings a kind grace to the topic of a demographically changing face of Australia. When he speaks, people can be very reactionary - because the facts he speaks from can be uncomfortable to hear if you’ve never been challenged in your ways of thinking. Many people have a foregone conclusion as to the kind of man Benjamin Law is, but I’d invite them to look beyond the bile-filled Op-Ed articles of the conservative press and listen instead to the kind of man that Ben is. 

If you like this conversation, find him on twitter and tell him - he’s @mrbenjaminlaw

Enjoy the show.

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