Ep 264: Doug Menuez

Doug Menuez is a photographer from the US, who has covered everything from the Ethiopian Famine, the emergence of the AIDS crisis, and most notably the rise of Silicon Valley between 1985 and 2000. 

You and I are communicating right now, both broadcasting and listening, thanks to people that he chronicled during his time documenting the incredible emergence of that part of the world and the technology to come out of it. 

Doug and I first came to know each other when I was studying at THNK in Amsterdam, and I’m so very grateful that he and I were able to talk today. 

I’ve always been a firm believer in documenting your work - my vast collection of on-set and behind the scenes pictures from the early years of Idol and my time in the USA are a testimony to that, and Doug is a fantastic example of why it’s important. 

Possibly his most important work was documenting the incredible rise of Silicon Valley from 1985-2000, capturing the creation of technology that you and I use every single day. 

You might not ever think you’ll be a photojournalist, you might only ever take photos on your phone, however what Doug has to talk about today is not only a masterclass in documenting the world around you - but also what it takes to truly change the world, from a man that was in the room as the world was being changed. 

This one’s pretty nerdy - it’s not often get to talk to one of my photography heroes, but hey you never know - what works for Doug in his photography process might just translate into your own process…

Doug joined me over Skype from his loft in NYC, enjoy this conversation with the great Doug Menuez.

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