Ep 177: Mark Maloney

Mark Maloney is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, from a family of similarly excellent business people.

His father built many different companies including an incredibly successful mining logistics company The Mac.

However Mark is also successful in his own right  - working as an investment banker in London before heading back to run The Mac before floating it on the stock exchange in 2007 and being a part of making his whole family multi-millionaires overnight.

But Mark’s story isn’t all about the incredible amounts of hard work that he put in, nor about the giddy amount of success he achieved - it’s also about how having more money than he could spend failed to make him happy, and how he ultimately found that happiness.

Mark has since branched out into other industries, including the fabulously successful Sumo Salad food franchise - which has kept me fed for many a flight around the wide brown land that’s for sure.

I’m very grateful to Mark for coming over to my place to do this - he’s an imposing figure at well over six ft tall - and sat down for a frank an honest conversation at my kitchen table over a bit of dahl and a cup of tea.

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