Ep 247: Emilie Brabon Hames

Emilie Brabon Hames is author, Transformation coach and Nutrition coach, and one 1/2 of the team that helped me totally transform my body for the cover of men’s health magazine.

You can find her online @emiliebrabonhames .

We heard from her husband Chief last week, and now it’s Em’s turn.

Her story of how she went from a reclusive kid to one of the most powerful transformation coaches in the country, transforming literally thousands of lives every year with her Original Bootcamp work - well it’s something that’s completely inspiring.

Em’s journey covers some difficult territory, and hearing how she reclaimed her life from the darkness will move you as much as it moved me I’m sure.

On that - if anything in this conversation brings up difficult feelings for you please call lifeline in 13 11 14.

However, I assure you that this chat has a very happy ending.

You can follow Em’s adventures on Instagram at @emiliebrabonhames and there you’ll find the link to buy the new book she’s written with Chief - 8 Weeks to Wow.

I hope you enjoy this chat with Emilie Brabon Hames.

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