Ep 230: Brett Robbo

Brett Robinson, or Robbo to his athletes and clients, is a high-performance coach who worked for years with the Australian Paralympic team. 

He’s since branched out into the wider community, hoping to bring his concepts and ideas that he learned and developed over the course of his incredibly successful career with elite athletes, and share them with the wider community. 

He has an excellent podcast that I highly recommend - Your Life Of Impact, which you can find wherever great podcasts are heard. 

Brett’s story does take some darker turns, but it’s ok, I promise he’s ok and found his way to Ok in a way that will inspire us all to live a life with more intentionality than before. 

I’m so grateful we got the chance to chat and to former podcast guest Rachel Neylan who made the introduction. 

Enjoy this introduction to the inspirational world of Brett Robbo.

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