Ep 202: Sam Dastyari

Sam Dastyari (@samdastyari) is an Australian Politician, he represents NSW in the Senate - and he’s a part of the Labor Party. 

He was only 30 when he won the seat and has made quite a name for himself in the four years that he’s been in office. 

A non-practicing muslim, Sam has drawn a lot of scrutiny from some people who can’t quite conceive of there actually being such a thing. 

I’ll let him explain it. 

Sam has quite a story, and in the comfort of my kitchen over a cup of tea he and I were able to talk at length. 

Now, politicians can talk - we all know that. But you’re going to hear the full flow of a very learned man as he verbosely crafts his points of view and outlooks on the world. 

This is less a string of soundbites put together and more like that Mars Volta album, the one with only one 45 minute track. 

Sam came around on a weekday afternoon in school holidays with his assistant, and his six-year old daughter on school holidays. Occasionally you’ll hear both either chime in, or us referring to both of them - but I think Andy my producer will cut most of that out. 

Sam came across to me as a straight up guy who genuinely cares about people, and genuinely cares about other humans. 

I hope you enjoy this florid conversation with Sam Dastyari.

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