517: Finding joy in the fleeting chaos of parenthood with poet Jess Urlichs

Jess Urlichs is on the show today, she’s an author and a poet, who lives in New Zealand with her husband and their three kids.

She has written a variety of children’s books, to help babies and young children navigate their emotions in their early years.

Jess is very successful, she’s sold hundreds of thousands of copies of her books all around the world, her most popular book being From One Mum to Another. Her latest book "Beautiful Chaos" is available now for pre-order and to purchase March 5th.

We cover a lot in this chat - the challenges and joys of parenthood, the impact of birth stories on expectant mothers, the profound transformation that occurs when becoming a parent and the journey of seeking help for postpartum mental health.

We cover the importance of supporting children with mental health issues and she has some advice to parents on how to navigate challenges like that, and she generously shares her strategies for staying organized as a parent while managing her OCD.

I hope you enjoy connecting with Jess as much as I did.

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