507: What happens when Entitlement outweighs Empathy? A conversation about Consent with Chanel Contos.

My guest today was the catalyst for fundamentally changing how consent education works in Australia.

In 2021 Chanel posted on Instagram:

“Have you or a close friend been sexually assaulted by someone who went to an all-boys school in Sydney?”

Within 24 hours, 204 People had responded “yes” to the question, and then she had her first ever live TV interview 72 hours later.

Over that weekend her friend started a website for Chanel, where she collected 6000 testimonies during the first three weeks.

She started a petition demanding consent classes and 45,000 signatures later and exactly a year from the date she first posted on Instagram – after a lot of meetings and phone calls – the nine education ministers in Australia unanimously agreed and then publicly announced that they would mandate consent education.

Chanel Contos is a force of nature.

A fierce advocate for consent education and the brilliant brain behind the Teach Us Consent campaign.

She's been instrumental in raising awareness about sexual assault and consent in Australia.

Today we discuss the challenges of navigating relationships in the dating app era and explore the disturbing influence of pornography on our understanding of consent.

Chanel highlights the need to extend empathy beyond our immediate circles, teaching both young men and women how they can prioritize their own desires – but most importantly, saying no when it matters most.

Chanel has some valuable lessons to impart – not just about preventing sexual violence but also around creating a culture of respect and understanding.

She strongly believes that showing young men that healthy, consensual relationships are something they should aspire to can ultimately help change the world.

Her book, “Consent Laid Bare” is absolutely stunning.

It’s out right now.


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