500: Hannah Ferguson on modern feminism, unhealthy masculinity and why she will be our last ever PM

What would you have liked to accomplish by 25? Was being the co-founder and CEO of an independent Australian news commentary platform providing informed, progressive opinions on subjects that sit at the intersection of feminist, social and political issues on your list? What about having completed a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Master of Publishing, Editing and Writing?

Today I am joined by Hannah Ferguson who is the co-founder and CEO of Cheek Media Co. Hannah has written and released her first novel; Bite Back. A ground-breaking debut that launches in and tackles many of the thorniest social and political issues facing young women in Australia today.

With her book Bite Back, Hannah leads the charge on the discourse we’ve been missing, from how to have hard conversations with loved ones, to the realities of reforming a criminal justice system that isn’t fit for purpose and the future of the #MeToo movement.

Hannah and I have an in depth discussion where we talk about the importance of media and legal literacy, the value of critical thinking, and the use of fear as a commodity.

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