Ep 262: Keeping career momentum with Damon Herriman

Damon Herriman is an Australian actor best known for his work in the TV show Justified and Mr Inbetween. 

He and I met when I first started working in TV back in the day, and even lived in the same building for a while when I was living in LA. 

Damon is on the cusp of exploding into the stratosphere - when we spoke he wasn’t able to discuss what he was working on while I was recording, however I knew it would eventually come out - so I can tell you now. 

Damon has been cast in the new Tarantino movie Once Upon a time in Hollywood, playing the role of Charles Manson. 

An astonishingly high-profile role for him, working with a legend of cinema - one I wish we could have spoken about but that’s ok, listening to this you’ll get to know more about this remarkable man and the path that he’s taken to get to this dizzying height. 

I was particularly interested in talking to him about the seasonal aspect of his job, how he deals with the ebbs and flows of the work. 

Damon is a humble guy, and came around to the apartment a few weeks back for a cuppa and some irregular dog barking from Frank.

I hope you enjoy this engaging conversation with Damon Herriman. 

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