Ep 205: Alicia Malone

Alicia Malone is an author, film critic and friend who lives in Los Angeles California. She and I crossed paths a few times in our careers and grew to become quite close during my time in L.A. Difference is, she managed to stay afloat while I had to come back to Sydney.

Alicia’s career path reads like a blueprint for success.

When people ask me about getting into the industry, Alicia’s tireless work ethic, undeniable drive and creative creation of her own work is an example to follow.

Alicia’s latest book, “Backwards and in Heels” chronicling the path of women in film is out now on Amazon and wherever you buy books.

You can follow her online @aliciamalone wherever such handles occur.

It’s not often I interview my close friends on this show, but I’m so happy that I can have this chat with Alicia now - because her story is a story that reads like a how-to in creating the life you love to live.

Enjoy the show.

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