480: Tactics to deal with uncertainty with psychologist Chris Cheers

Chris Cheers is a psychologist and author based in Melbourne, Australia.

He’s spent over 20 years helping people understand their minds and overcome the challenges of life. As a psychologist, he's worked with all kinds of people from right across the spectrum of background, socio-economic status and sexuality.

On top of his day job, Chris is a prolific writer and speaker, spreading his passion for mental health and well-being to both professionals and punters.

Chris has just put out his new book, "The New Rule Book." In it, he shows us how to embrace uncertainty and roll with the punches life throws at us. Using his experience and the latest research, he shares tips on becoming more resilient, adaptable, and emotionally intelligent in our ever-changing world.

There’s chat here about trauma, suicide and self harm - it’s mentioned in passing, and in context. Wanted you to be aware.

Enjoy this chat with Chris Cheers.

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