471: A Bold Conversation with Libbi Gorr

You’ve heard about people ‘reinventing themselves’ but did you ever wonder how it was actually done?

Libbi Gorr is a multi-award winning radio and tv broadcaster who as the satirical character Elle McFeast became the first woman in Australia to helm her own national night-time variety show Elle McFeast Live.

When a clearly drunk notorious hitman Chopper Read staggered on stage to be interviewed, and proceeded to laugh while joking about killing a man by putting him in a cement mixer - fair to say the shit hit the fan.

The absolute rocket that was Elle McFeast was riding into the heights of career success took a very unexpected turn.

Her show which had been commissioned for 32 episodes ran only 16, and well before social media cancel culture was invented, the manufactured media outrage around the moment essentially ended Elle McFeast - sending Libbi to seek cover, where she put things back together to reemerge anew.

It was an enormously high-profile moment, one which she talks about with her show Bold Conversations, happening at The Malthouse theatre in Melbourne this Thursday - and we touch on as well during our chat on this episode.

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