461: No, Wil Anderson is NOT fine thanks

You know Wil Anderson, either from the days on The Glasshouse, on Triple J, Gruen or Question Everything - his legacy in the Australian podcast space is unquestioned with TOFOP running since about 30 seconds after podcasts were invented, and Wilosophy consistently being one of the greatest interview podcasts out there.

And all along the way through his career, he’s left a legacy of young performers, producers and writers who were able to work at the top level of their game sometimes years before they’d otherwise get the chance, giving these people an enormous boost in their careers.

I’ve been lucky to call Wil a friend for a while now. He’s as good a man as they come, so much so - that when I asked him to come on the podcast to talk about his new book “I’m Not Fine, Thanks” his first response was “Brilliant, I’ll be over to your house next Tuesday morning”.

So you’re going to hear what happened when Wil crammed his very, very lanky frame into my tiny box of a podcave and I went 1: 1 with the absolute MAN of Australian stand up.

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