460: It's not a Straight Line to AFL Glory, with Sam Rowe

Sam Rowe is a former AFL footballer, a carpenter, a cancer survivor and a Movember ambassador.

Originally from Walla Walla in the NSW Riverina, standing at 198cm, Sam found early success in Australian Rules Football or AFL as we call it.

His career was not a linear path, and made his AFL debut at 25, a full seven years after he was first drafted as a Rookie to the Sydney Swans.

A lot happened in those years, including a diagnosis, surgery and chemotherapy treatment for testicular cancer.

Sam’s story is not only one of inspiration - it’s one that shows how just because you think life will turn out in a certain way, the way it actually turns out might be more interesting, or even more amazing than you imagined.

He is a superb human being, and a great ambassador for Movember.

Enjoy this conversation with Sam Rowe

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