459: Advice about adversity while riding a bicycle into space with Ultra Cyclist Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson is an Ultra Cyclist who grew up in Australia and now calls Girona in the mountains of Spain his home.

An ultra cyclist is someone who pushes beyond the standard distances and measurements of even the most high-achieving professionals.

2017: Cycled 50,000km in a 12 month period

2019: 3 Everestings, 3 Countries, 3 Days, 880km, 26,768m of elevation gain across.

71hrs including all transfers

2020: Guinness World Record. Most Kilometres Ridden in 7 Days – 3,505km

2021: The Amazing Chase – The Tour de France in 10 Days 21 stages, 3,500km and 52,000m of elevation gain

Regular TDF 22 days. Truly a gobscmacking Incredible effort of human endurance.

And in 2022 he has embarked upon this astounding challenge. To climb 1 million metres in 1 calendar year.

All to raise money for mental health charities.

This might all sound like a blur of figures so I’ll distill it down. Jack is attempting what no other athlete in history, has ever completed.

What he’s learning about himself, how his brain works, how to challenge negative thoughts, how to deal with the urge to stop when he’s tired, how to get out the door when it’s cold and rainy and his body hurts - those lessons he is very generous in sharing - and those are things you and I can use every single day without ever getting on a bike or going near a hill.

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