444: Detaching from Outcomes with Melanie Zanetti aka Chilli Heeler

Melanie Zanetti is an actor who splits her time between Australia and Los Angeles. She’s appeared for years on our screens in films and television - everything from the supernatural thriller “Raven’s Hollow” to “Young Rock”.

However, it’s her work on a TV show called Bluey that is her most high-profile gig to date.

Melanie Zanetti plays the voice of Chilli Heeler, the mum of the two young girls Bingo and Bluey and the wife of Bandit Heeler.

If you’ve never watched Bluey - let me tell you. In my opinion, it’s the greatest sitcom written since Seinfeld, and emotionally - you’d be hard-pressed to find a show that is more wholesome, honest, raw and demonstrative of the realities of parenting, child-rearing and indeed the challenges of being a little kid.

I get into this with Melanie - but to see my city of Brisbane represented on TV makes me so emotional, for the first time in my life watching Bluey made me feel like my city mattered.

If you’ve never watched Bluey, before you listen to this - open up the ABC iview portal on your phone, tv or computer, and check out the following episodes:

  • Curry Swap
  • Army
  • Stories
  • Space and
  • Sleepytime

That final episode just the other day ranked #2 on IMDB on a list of the 100 greatest TV episodes of ALL TIME.

Melanie is an absolute delight

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